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  • Volos Guide

    Volo is a traveler and collector of information. h2. *Faerun* h3. *Dalelands* [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep]] [[shadowdale | Shadowdale]] [[Daggerdale | Daggerdale]] [[Spidehaunt Woods | Spiderhaunt Woods]]

  • Elminster's Ecologies

    Elminster is a well known mage and sage. His insights are sought by rulers and his wrath is feared by the wicked. He is known as a notorious womanizer and extrovert h2. *Common Threats* [[Kobold | Kobold]] [[Goblin | Goblin]] [[Orc | Orc]] [[ …

  • Blackstaff's Emporium

    Kelban Blackstaff is a mage of repute and ally of Elminster. He is known for his encyclopedic knowledge of magic items. h4. Potions [[Potion of Extra Healing | Potion of Extra Healing]] h4. Weapons [[Gifted Sword| Gifted Sword]] [[Enchanted …